Collaborative Interactive Visualization & Analysis Lab


The HKUST-CIVAL group develops interactive visualizations to promote the interplay between human, machines, and big data. We are specialized in visualization and visual analytics, VR/AR, human-computer interaction, and urban computing. Currently we are focusing on 1) computational design for visualization, infographics, poster, floorplan, etc.; 2) situated visualization in VR/AR; and 3) visual analytics for various application domains like transportation, building energy, etc.


  • Jan. ’23: One paper ‘Semi-Automatic Layout Adaptation for Responsive Multiple-View Visualization Design‘ got accepted by IEEE TVCG. Congrats to Chen Xi, Yihan, Lingdan.
  • Nov. ’07: Our paper ‘VISAtlas: An Image-based Exploration and Query System for Large Visualization Collections via Neural Image Embedding‘ got accepted by IEEE TVCG. Congrats to Yilin Ye and Rong Huang
  • July ’22: One paper ‘Effects of View Layout on Situated Analytics for Multiple-View Representations in Immersive Visualization‘ got accepted by IEEE VIS 2022.
  • May ’22: Our paper ‘Creative and Progressive Interior Color Design with Eye-tracked User Preference‘ got accepted by ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. Congrats to Prof. Shihui Guo and Prof. Juncong Lin.
  • Apr. ’22: Our paper ‘Saliency-aware color harmony models for outdoor signboard‘ got accepted by Computers & Graphics. Congrats to Yanna Lin.


1 Duxue Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, 511458
Dr. Wei ZENG